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Retirement planning resources

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or getting ready to retire, we have relevant content and tools to help take some of the mystery out of your decision making.

Our Retirement Plans website has sections geared toward people who are starting to save, building wealth, thinking about retirement, or living in retirement. You may want to explore the sections, our wealth of financial planning tools, or the full Vanguard Retirement Plans website.

Starting to save »

Get your spending on track, pay off debt, and jump start your retirement savings.

Building wealth »

Send your kids to college, pay your bills, and still shoot for a dream retirement.

Thinking about retirement »

Explore what your life could be like in retirement and plan to make it happen.

Living in retirement »

Make your money last, watch healthcare costs, and live well in retirement.

Financial planning tools »

Find help for your decision making about retirement planning, investment planning, college planning, personal finance, and debt management.

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